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Alan Keyes on Obama - A Radical Communist Who Will Destroy America

Alan Keyes on Obama - A Radical Communist Who Will Destroy America

Alan Keyes absolutely ROCKS.

Here Alan Keyes is interviewed about the (then) recent election of one Barack Obama. Keyes informs us on what were then some of the lesser known aspects of a candidate much of the country had become infatuated with. In that sense, this interview was truly prophetic.

Keyes addresses:
1) Barack Obama's (mostly unknown) support of a policy of "medical" infanticide.
2) Obama's radical Marxist philosophies (hidden more or less successfully during Obama's 2008 campaign).
3) Obama's insane economic ideas emanating from these crypto-Marxist ideas.
4) The problem of Obama's fundamental ineligibility to hold the office of the Presidency, due to the constitutional requirement of the President being a "natural born" Citizen. (Which Obama is not.)
5) The insane economic promises made by Obama in order to get elected (i.e., that people don't have to pay their mortgages, etc. etc.)
6) The prediction that Obama will bring strife and economic ruin to America. Bingo.

If you will check into Dr. Alan Keyes, you will find that he is indeed a formidable intellectual force, who by rights would have (should have) been a two-term president by now. The Corporate Controlled Media hate Alan Keyes for engendering individual / independent thought.

Doctor Keyes went on to file a California lawsuit regarding the ineligibility of Obama to run for the Presidency [see PDF file below]. He obviously had standing in the case, but the court was afraid to address the issue fairly. Perhaps the courts were intimidated by the threats of Obama's "Legions of Brownshirts" which were expected to materialize at the time.

Alan Keyes knew Obama perhaps better than anyone else. He had challenged Obama for the Illinois Senate, after Obama had used political skullduggery to eliminate all other candidates, and was therefore running unopposed. Alan Keyes had almost no funding or support for his challenge, and could not expect to win. But whereas must of us had never even heard the word "Obama" before September of 2008, by that time Keyes already knew Barack inside-out.

Too bad for all of us the press was so narrow-minded that they would not allow Keyes to warn the rest of us on national television.

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